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Just a warning< make sure you do your homework before you entrust this shady outfit with your property, boat and or RV they will Rob you blind, they are in the process of being sued in federal court. All you have to do is run search after search to find numerous complaints about the shady outfit.

they are posting a BBB logo even though they have about 10 Complaints against them with the BBB. They sort through craigs list to find people selling boats, RVs and property and making them offers that seem way too good to be true. well believe it they are way too good to be true. Thsy will in fact rob you blind.

PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT TRUST THEM.......The owner of this company is also a convicted felon. So you be the Judge.

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Blue Eye, Missouri, United States #25943

You are encouraged to check out the better business bureau website for both Michigan and Florida, or you can contact the Attorney Generals office in Michigan at (517) 373-1140 to find out more information about the complaints filed against this company, or if you have one to file.

Belle, West Virginia, United States #24495

Pissed 1 is absolutely right. All this info is a matter of public record.

They are no longer a part of the BBB because of the #of complaints. They are not in good standing. Do your homework and you can easily find this info.

I'm a victim of this company and I know what I'm talking about. Start searching the messages and you'll learn what *** this company is.

Hartmannsdorf, Thuringen, Germany #24446

do not rust Nigerians!

Bentong Town, Pahang, Malaysia #24433

How do you know they are going though all of this federal court stuff? How do you know that the owner is a convicted felon?

Do you have proof?

If these people are as shady as you say they are, I would probably be careful not to *** them off. I looked on their website and I didn't see the BBB logo, where is it?

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