Ocean Shores, Washington

This would be a warning to any potential buyers or sellers wanting to business with International marine and auto investment Inc.

The amount of complaints against this company is under investigation.

The Attorney Generals office in Michigan has not only a full time attorney working on this case,

But, also a special investigation unit has been assigned.

This company is also known as Great Oakes asset management

They are basically two in the same.

The name of their management group has changed in time,

But the faces have remained.

It has come down to misappropriation of funds.

So if your think you have escrow or seller, think you have security, think again.

There are people within a single year, out more money then what most make in wages.

The complaints against this company are surmounting to a point the Attorney Generals office in Michigan has launched a full out investigation into their dealings, not to mention they are currently involved in federal charges.

If you review the posting on this and other bulletins you will find they are recent,

And it is suggested that you do your research to find out what problems this company has before you even consider them.

They have negative reviews by the better business bureau.

If you think what shows submitted as being resolved, actually is, a wrong synopsis.

They merely answered, and according to record, not with honesty.

International marine and auto investment Inc,

From many sources, owes more then they have payable.

The complaints are viable if you call the Attorney Generals Office at (517) 373-1140.

This is a review of a company that is found to have multiple complaints filed against them.

They are having obvious problems, .

The excuse from them is that it is ex employees, but at this point it is unacceptable.

Make a call and be informed.

There are many complaints about international marine and auto investment.

Be warned, read the reviews, and make a call

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I entered into a contract with International Marine and Auto to market my vehicle, a 2006 Dodge ram 1500 Quad-cab . After buyer was found and the agreement took place, International denied payments agreed upon and subsequently the vehicle was returned to International Marine and Auto without my knowledge.

Upon return the vehicle was re-marketed without my consent and was “re-sold” again without my consent and without a contract. The individual who had obtained my vehicle let his son, an underage unlicensed driver utilize the vehicle. The person was then stopped by the police and the vehicle was impounded. Case # 07-39982.

This incident took place in September of 2007. I was notified of this in November of 2007 and was told that the company (international marine and auto) would make me pay to retrieve the vehicle. In such time the vehicle was sold at auction and I never received any notification from the impound lot of such action and never received any payment or of any payment made to my financial institution of monies garnered from the sale of my vehicle. Now I am paying for a vehicle that has been stolen from me and that someone else believes that that they are legally driving.

I need any and all assistance regarding this matter to be able to retrieve the vehicle and to recoup money owed to me from International Marine and Auto. This group has no intention or remorse of the financial burden they arae putting on individuals like me who fell for their scam.



Company information:

International marine and auto

Roseville, Michigan

United States

I have tried to warn people of this operation,

And now it appears the structure of this business is crumbling down.

There are many employees that no longer work for Chuck,

The game is up Chuck...

Because what he does to people makes them sick as well.

Try to feed this parona, and you will get nothing but *** afterwards.

Some mighty little man behind his speaker phone,

Acting like he is a mightier force,

But he isn’t one up,

Other then being the Chuck he is.

Wait until you receive a dose of him,

It’s like a bad poison.

What an arrogant ***,

And he gets off,

Because people still feed him.

I feel empathy for anyone that tries to do business with him,

Karen Thomas Gebell and Charles V Gebell, the VP and owner.

We have seen the small stinky whole in the wall operation they run,

Far less then impressive, considering the money we invested.

Pathetic, would be a small word to describe the interaction with the company,

Or it’s owner.

To conclude,

What is up Chuck

….because everything you have done thus far is sick…..better be playing the titanic song, It seems your on your way to going down.


By the way,

I should mention

if there where ever a sincere attempt at resolution then I doubt the posts would be as they are. Read complaints board as well, if you don't get the nasty they can dish, then you just don't get it.at all.


Let's just say that some of the people that have complaints have been advised to watch their tongue on the forums.

Equally you should realize that this company will do anything they can to stop the negative posts.

After we add up our bill, it accounts to several thousands of unaccounted money.

The special investigation unit contacted us over this matter, not us them.

White verses Marine and Auto is no longer posted but is alive and well.

So if you really want to try to bank on this company, be my guest. It will help pay for attorney fees they have.

Seligman, Arizona, United States #35475

Thanks, just FYI. I just received a call from the Michigan AG’s office, I had requested any info about our friends at International Marine and…., and they have ‘scores of complaints, most are open’.

The majority are related to…guess what… missing buyers money and payments not being made to the lender.


Bentong Town, Pahang, Malaysia #35022

I'm a little confused here. I know this is a complaint board however, I think those who are complaining should have to present all of the facts.

I have been looking into a purchase through International Marine of an automobile. After reading the comment and blogs I made some inquiries of my own. I spoke with a very nice gentleman named Jason at the Michigan AG office ( FYI the company directed me to him for questions I may have) while he did say the company had SOME complaint, he also state they were working with them to resolve them diligently. At know time did he say or suggest that the company was under investigation.

So If this is true where are the investigators, or more appropriately who are the investigators I should talk to. Everyone here says that there are several federal cases, but I have been unable to find but one where they are the defendants, and one where they were the plaintifs.

I'm not saying that anyone here is lying but someone might not have all the information. So if someone else knows it please direct me on where to call.

Seligman, Arizona, United States #34946

I may have been a bit too quick on the draw... While I stand with my earlier statement (see above..

Hal 12-09-2008) about the companies reputation, I did not have any reason to select or pick-out Curt's name. While I have had multiple phone calls with him, at no time was it other than professional.

So therefore I would like to extend my apology to Curt as an individual and not representative of the whole company. I have worked for BofA, and I hate to believe I represented all of the bank!

Seligman, Arizona, United States #34091

I was about to send them $1, 000 for a boat in MD or PA. I am so glad for Google!

I see now how they take property, money and credit ratings aways for both sellers and buyers. Curt was the 'Sales' person I have been talking to, therefore he is still there. I saw many complaints against both companies at BBB (MI) and email the Mich. AG's office.

If only half of what I am reading is true, they should out of business!

p.s. if the seller with the boat in MD (2005 Cruisers Yachts 280 CXI) or PA(2001 Bayliner Cierra 3055) are reading this email me, we will go to an attorney and get a real escrow company (3rd party) and be safer and happier!

Adaufe, Braga, Portugal #33712

I guess I should be thankful that I only lost a few thousand after reading the blog and contacting the attorney general.

There are a whole lot of people out way more then me.

It makes me feel sorry for them, but most of all pissed there are people that would take advantage of others!

Adaufe, Braga, Portugal #32075

This company sucks major! Hindsight isn't even twenty twenty here...it's a whole lot of people trying to figure out how somebody could be cold and screw them over, when thier whole selling point was about a nice guy who had rough times trying to help other people. It is really about his pocket money...and while your down there...go **** yourself, like you did to so many others!

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