Ocean Shores, Washington

I have tried to warn people of this operation,And now it appears the structure of this business is crumbling down. There are many employees that no longer work for Chuck, The game is up Chuck....Because what he does to people makes them sick as well. Try to feed this parona, and you will get nothing but *** afterwards.Some mighty little man behind his speaker phone, Acting like he is a god driven force,But he isn’t one up,Other then being the Chuck he is.Wait until you receive a dose of him, It’s like a bad poison.What an arrogant ***,And he gets off,Because people still feed him.I feel empathy for anyone that tries to do business with him,Karen Thomas Gebell and Charles V Gebell, the VP and owner.We have seen the small stinky whole in the wall operation they run,Far less then impressive, considering the money we invested.Pathetic, would be a small word to describe the interaction with the company,Or it’s owner.To conclude, What is up Chuck….because everything you have done thus far is sick…..better be playing the titanic song, It seems your on your way to going down.

Monetary Loss: $40.

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